DSL-N10S-N150 مودم وایرلس ایسوس ‎‎
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DSL-N10S-N150 مودم وایرلس ایسوس ‎‎

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    DSL-N10S-N150 مودم وایرلس ایسوس ‎‎

    DSL-N10S-N150 مودم وایرلس ایسوس ‎‎

    همراه با 24 ماه گارانتی تعویض

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    Features : DSL-N10S Wireless-N150 ECO-WiFi ADSL Modem Router

    - 11n Wireless ADSL modem Router
    - EZ WPS connection with physical WPS push button
    - Eco-friendly, up to 72% power saving
    - 150Mbps (802.11b/g/n - 2.4Ghz)
    - Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Home Gateway
    - Internal Antenna
    - 1 x LAN / 1 x WAN / 1 ADSL

    Save the planet and your pocket
    Compared with generic Wireless-N routers, Asus ECO-WiFi CPU reduces up to 72% of energy consumption and utility cost. standby, normal and heavy traffic. Testing criteria: [Standby mode] Only WAN port is connected. [Normal traffic] 1 wired connected PC and 1 wirelessly connected laptop for P2P download. [Heavy traffic] 4 wired connected PCs and 2 wirelessly connected laptops for P2P download. Utility cost is calculated based on 2011 US household avg. electricity price, all taxes included.

    EZ WPS Connection
    EZ WPS Enables you to set up a secure wireless network by 2 steps.Press the WPS button on the wireless adapter. The WPS Wizard pops up and starts searching for WPS-supported routers.

    Wi-Fi on/off
    Simply press the WLAN/WPS button on your Asus router to instantly turn Wi-Fi on or off and easily save energy with no long setup or menus. Press and hold the WPS button on your ASUS router for at least four seconds to sync the secure Wi-Fi connection with the new device, and setup is done.


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