TL-R860 مودم روتر و هاب

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TL-R860 مودم روتر و هاب

کد کالا : 3414
همراه با 12 ماه گارانتی اصلی
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    TL-R860 مودم روتر و هاب

    TL-R860 مودم روتر و هاب

    همراه با 12 ماه گارانتی اصلی

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    - 1 WAN port + 8 LAN ports Cable/DSL Router for Home and Small office
    - Share data and Internet access
    - Supports access control based on time of day

    - Shares data and Internet access for users, supporting PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP, L2TP, BigPond Cable Internet access
    - Connecting Internet on demand and disconnecting when idle for PPPoE
    - Supports TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, ICMP, NAT
    - Built-in NAT and DHCP server supporting static IP address distributing
    - Built-in firewall supporting IP address filtering, Domain Name filtering, and MAC address filtering
    - Supports Virtual Server, Special Application, and DMZ host
    - Supports UPnP, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing, Flow Statistics, VPN pass-through
    - Supports connecting/disconnecting Internet on a specified time of day
    - Supports access control based on time of day, parents and network administrators can establish restricted access policies for children or staffs
    - Provides 802.1x authentication for WAN port
    - Supports ICMP-FLOOD, UDP-FLOOD, TCP-SYN-FLOOD filter
    - Ignores Ping packets from WAN or LAN ports
    - Supports firmware upgrade, Remote and Web management

    Software Specification:

    Standards and Protocols:
    - IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.1x
    Basic Function:
    - DHCP Server
    - DHCP Client
    - MAC Address Modify/Clone
    - VPN Pass-through
    - Dynamic DNS
    - Time Based Access Control
    Port Setting:
    - LAN and WAN Port Setting
    - Flow Statistics
    Forwarding Rules:
    - Virtual Server
    - Special Application
    - Static Routing
    - DMZ Host
    - UPnP
    Firewall Function:
    - Firewall Rules Setting
    - MAC Address Filtering
    - Domain Name Filtering
    - IP/MAC Address Binding
    - Ignore Ping Packet From WAN Port
    - DoS Protection
    System Function:
    - Remote Management
    - System Log
    - Web Upgrade

    Hardware Specification:
    - LAN: 8 10/100M ports (RJ45)
    - WAN: 1 10/100M port (RJ45)
    Network Media:
    - 10BASE-T: UTP category 3, 4, 5 cable (maximum 100m)
    - EIA/TIA-568 100Ω STP (maximum 100m)
    - 100BASE-TX: UTP category 5, 5e cable (maximum 100m)
    - EIA/TIA-568 100Ω STP (maximum 100m)
    LED Indicators:
    - LAN: Link/Act (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
    - WAN: Link/Act
    - Else: POWER, SYSTEM
    Safety & Emission: FCC, CE
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 200x140x28 mm
    - Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃
    - Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃
    - Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
    - Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing
    Power: External Power Adapter

    The TL-R860 Multifunctional Broadband Router is especially designed for SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) to access the Internet. It features strong functions, high performance, and easy configuration router. The TL-R860 provides many management functions, including system, DHCP server, virtual server, DMZ host, firewall, and static routing table, additionally, it features much more advanced functions, such as Parental Control, IEEE 802.1x Authentication, UPnP, DDNS, VPN Pass-through, System Log and so on.
    The TL-R860 router provides flexible access control, limiting staff or children to browse selected sites. The TL-R860 router is also a smart helper. It connects to the Internet automatically on demand and disconnects when idle to save on network costs.
    The device comes with a CD with an Easy Setup Assistant that helps you step by step to configure your Internet connection. This feature allows even novice users to setup the router products without sacrificing any key features, just play the AUTO-RUN CD bundled to have your network set up quickly & hassle-free.

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