DFE-520TX کارت شبکه دی لینک دیگر تصاویر محصول

DFE-520TX کارت شبکه دی لینک

کد کالا : 1675
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- 802.3 10BASE-T/802.3u 100Base-TX standard
- Auto-detection of 10Mbps and 100Mbps network speeds
- Supports 802.1x function (MD5 only) and 802.3x Flow Control
- 32-bit PCI Local Bus Master high-speed operation
- Complies with Advanced Configuration and Power
- Complies with PCI Power Management v.1.1
- On-board FIFO buffer, no external memory on host required


- IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
- IEEE 802.3 NWay autonegotiation
- IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
- PCI local bus 2.2 specification
- IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet
Topology: Star
Protocol: CSMA/CD
Network Data Transfer Rates:
- 10BASE-T:
• 10Mbps (half-duplex)
• 20Mbps (full-duplex)
- 100BASE-TX:
• 100Mbps (half-duplex)
• 200Mbps (full-duplex)
• Network Cables
- 10BASE-T:
• UTP Cat.3, 4, 5 (100 m max.)
• EIA/TIA-568 STP (100 m max.)
- 100BASE-TX:
• UTP Cat. 5 (100 m max.)
• EIA/TIA-568 STP (100 m max.)
Diagnostic LED Report:
- Link
- Activity
Power Consumption: 0.4 watts max.
Dimensions: 120 x 20 mm
Weight: 106 g
Operating Temperature: 0° to 40° C
Storage Temperature: -10° to 70° C
Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
- FCC Class B
- CE Class B
- C-Tick
O.S. Driver Support: Microsoft Windows 98 SE,2000,ME, XP

10/100M PCI Adapter without Boot Rom and WOL

The DFE-520TX is a very low-cost auto-sensing 10/100Mbps dual-speed network card installable in a PC equipped with PCI expansion slots.
This card makes extensive use of the single-chip technology and is equipped with an on-board FIFO buffer, providing your computer with an easy and effective connection to an Ethernet network.

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